Who is SentioCX

The company was established in August 2021 with the goal to offer a solution for a real problem which is to take the friction out of bot dialogues or to detect revenue opportunities and pro-actively with priority route the chat to the best agent with the right skills and proficiency levels.  We have always believed that we could make the hand-off from a bot to a live agent more seamless compared to what was out there in the market today.

The proliferation of Conversational and Generative AI has intensified the need to optimize automated responses and foster harmony between bots, live agents, and knowledge workers. At SentioCX, our focus is on achieving this harmony and ensuring seamless transitions between digital channels, such as chatbots, and human interactions. We achieve this through next-generation Conversation Orchestration, enhancing both customer experience (CX) and employee experience (EX).

We live by the following values:

  • Relentlessly customer focused
  • Relevance and value for our customers and their respective customers & users
  • Products & Services are rigorously driven to meet the highest quality standards
  • Modern but not edgy
  • Humble
  • Ease of doing business

The leadership team

Ronald Rubens

CEO & Founder


Ronald oversees the vision and strategy of the company and the execution. He is known as a sharp strategist with a passion for building and leading high performance cross-functional & cross-cultural teams. He fosters a culture of agility, integrity and passion for winning.

He worked in global executive positions at companies such as Avaya, Atlassian, NEC and AT&T and has been leading teams in Europe and the US responsible for businesses up to $400M of revenue per annum.

Adrian Ivan

CTO & Co-Founder


Adrian Ivan is a technology leader with deep experience in Contact Center and related industries.

He worked as Director of Engineering at 8×8, a leading Contact Center software provider, and Lead Architect at RWS. In which he led the transition to a scalable, reliable and resilient cloud architecture.