The Solution

SentioCX provides an AI intent-based platform to orchestrate self-service with ‘Human-In-The-Loop’ to deliver great customer experience and to positively impact business outcomes through intent-based predictive intelligent routing & real time continuous triaging.

Why is HITL orchestration relevant?
As Conversational and Generative AI platforms catalyze a significant transformation in customer self-service, an effective Human-In-The-Loop (HITL) orchestration is essential as the last mile to make the customer experience and employee experience seamless and frictionless.

“The proliferation of bots and ChatGPT has sparked a strong desire to not only optimize automated responses, but also to create harmony among bots, agents, and knowledge workers. At SentioCX we focus on the latter as we believe that chatbots and live agents should work together seamlessly to provide the best possible customer experience”.

The best match

We don’t simply route chats based on First-In-First-Out queuing or present a list of ‘open chats’ to live agents, but constantly determine the best match between customer and agent based on a sophisticated new AI based predictive routing algorithm.

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Recognizing buying signals and options from customers to provide a seamless transition from digital channels to a skilled live agent

$49B of revenue is lost due to abandoned conversations due to check-out problems or lack of channel transitions from digital channels to a live agent.

What is unique about SentioCX?

The SentioCX engine is the heart of the system, powering the Intent-based Intelligent routing (IIR) algorithm.

Intent-based Intelligent Routing (IIR)

Transferring chats to live agents with the relevant skills and proficiency levels, based on customer’s real-time intents -derived from the bot- and historical customer profile.

In addition to a customer’s profile, SentioCX’s Intent-based Intelligent routing transfers chat/voice bot dialogues based on a combination of the customer’s real-time intent derived from the bot and historical customer profile retrieved from a CRM system. It matches the customer’s intent and profile to live agents or knowledge workers with the relevant skills and proficiency levels.

We don’t simply route chats based on First-In-First-Out or present a list of ‘open chats’ to live agents, but use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in particular to determine the best match between the customer and the agent. SentioCX is integrated within a CEC or CCaaS platform through staging/tenant configuration for a native user-experience and avoids configuration duplication. SentioManager enables the head of Customer Experience to specify which intents from the bot/Conversational AI application should be classified for hand-off. It also allows them to assign corresponding importance and/or urgency levels and the relevant skills required for each hand-off intent.

When predictive waiting time exceeds service levels, SentioCX dynamically allocates additional agents & knowledge workers and/or temporarily declassifies low priority intents to keep these related chats in the bot. When service-levels can be met again, the lower priority intents will be automatically reclassified to further allow hand-off to live agents.

Publishing “Predictive Waiting time”

Publishing a ‘predictive wait time’ through the bot dramatically improves customer service.

Publishing Predictive Waiting Time before hand-off to a Live Agent

Research has shown that 54% get frustrated that they don’t have immediate access to a live agent when needed. 66% will no longer wait for more than 2 minutes for assistance. Furthermore, 54% say it takes too many questions for the bot to recognize that it can’t answer their issue.

Immediately recognizing an intent which should initiate a seamless hand-off to a live agent and publishing a predictive wait time within the bot dialogue helps to dramatically improve customer service. The heart of SentioCX’s Intent-based Intelligent Routing considers predictive wait time of what we call adequate agents to become available to handle incoming chats. This predictive wait time can further be used in a bot dialogue to publish the waiting time a customer needs to wait before an agent takes over the chat from the bot.

Actionable insights for KPI optimization

Sophisticated business intelligence to enhance performance metrics and facilitate KPI attainment based on self-adjusting service levels and prioritization of highest value interactions.

Seamless Hand-off API for 3rd party bot integration

Public API for increased integration and ecosystem development as the ‘ultimate standard’ for bot-vendors to offer advanced capabilities for Human-In-The-Loop.

Adding Voice/Video

Switching from chat to voice or video instantly, by pushing a button in the chat widget.

Adding Voice/Video after chat is being routed to right agent

There are multiple occasions that a customer wants to switch from chat to voice or video. SentioCX provides a capability to switch from chat to voice or video instantly, by pushing a button in the SentioCX widget which is integrated into the Sales or Service Management application such as Zendesk, Chatwoot or Salesforce.

Reserve agents/Knowledge workers

Reserve agents or knowledge workers can be notified to make themselves available to handle incoming chats.

Reserve agents/Knowledge workers

SentioCX makes it possible to extend live agents to the entire enterprise – not only to the current service desk or customer agent pool. Reserve agents can be notified to make themselves available, which includes knowledge workers anywhere in the organization. This is done to ensure that customers get answers on highly specialized requests in a timely manner.

Furthermore, the most talented agents should not be penalized by handling even more workload. Not only does SentioCX selectively route conversations to appropriate agents with matching skills and proficiency, but it also prevents agents from becoming overloaded by making reserve agents available in case service levels are exceeded.

Intent classification and declassification for HITL

Creating an optimal match between the customer and the agent based on priority and urgency of the intent and the skills/ proficiency levels of the agents.

Intent classification and declassification

SentioCX takes the friction and frustration out of the customer Service Process by ensuring a better match between the customer’s intent – captured by the bot – and the agent’s skills and proficiency levels.

If the pool of agents remains insufficient, low priority intents can be automatically declassified to allow agents to handle higher priority chats/calls and to keep chats with lower priority intents in the bot.

Ease of provisioning

As SentioCX is born in the cloud, ‘ease of provisioning’ was one of the key design principles.

Ease of Provisioning

As our solution is born in the cloud, we take pride of providing ease of provisioning to dramatically reduce complexity.