The value we deliver

In recent years, customer hold times have increased by more than 50%, and in some cases, more than doubled when many companies started to use chatbots as an alternative to live agents. However, hold times for live agents to pick up the conversations from the bot remained high and, in many cases, bots failed to offer escapes to live agents. A deeper analysis in customer behavior has shown that 60% of customers were less likely to remain a customer if the chatbot failed to connect to a live agent.

The value we bring is to have customers use technology such as Conversational AI with a purpose to make the experience feel more human—without creating frustrations for customers and agents.

Increase customer satisfaction and operational efficiencies

Addressing urgent and important customer situations while using bots and associated savings

SentioCX is designed for companies to offer exceptional customer service by reducing hold-times, publishing predictive wait times to pro-actively inform the customer when agents are busy and ultimately providing an optimal match between customer and agent. Based on real time customer intent and historic customer profile, SentioCX’s intent-based intelligent routing facilitates customer prioritization. Reserve agents can be notified to make themselves available, which includes knowledge workers anywhere in the organization, to ensure that your customers get answers on highly specialized requests in a timely manner.

Companies who have implemented bots and conversational AI technology can continue to benefit from optimizing operational efficiency and cost savings while improving customer service and customer retention. As a result, customer satisfaction can be increased and revenue can be optimized by providing a seamless hand-off from a bot to a live agent with the right skills and proficiency, when a customer is ready to defect or help a customer in a critical stage of their online buying journey.

Improve agent retention

Taking the friction and frustration out of the customer service process

Important stakeholder are the agents. When consumers are frustrated with long hold times, agents experience additional pressure and fatigue. SentioCX ensures improved Agent Retention by taking the friction and frustration out of the customer Service Process by ensuring a better match between the customer’s intent – captured by the bot – and the agent’s skills and proficiency levels. The most talented agents should not be penalized by handling even more workload. Not only does SentioCX selectively route conversations to appropriate agents with matching skills and proficiency, but it also prevents agents from becoming overloaded by making reserve agents available in case service levels are exceeded. If the pool of agents remains insufficient, low priority intents can be automatically declassified to allow agents to handle higher priority chats/calls and to keep chats with lower priority intents in the bot.

Efficient use of agents and knowledge workers

Ability to take care - if and when needed - of the "most important” customers

Reserve agents can be notified to make themselves available, which includes knowledge workers anywhere in the organization. And not just within the contact center, but across the entire enterprise. The real winners are customers, who get superior service as customers get answers on highly specialized requests in a timely manner.

Deep integration with Zendesk, Salesforce and Chatwoot

Deeply integrated into Customer Engagement, ITSM and Service Mgt solutions. Eliminating the need for duplicate administration

SentioCX is deeply integrated into Customer Engagement solutions such as Chatwoot and Zendesk and does not require any duplication of agent administration. In fact, widgets are being used to enrich the Customer Engagement application and to retrieve additional and relevant agent and system attributes for intelligent routing purposes.