Our product is a pure play conversation orchestration platform to integrate any conversational AI (bot) platform with a Customer Engagement or Contact Center Platform by ensuring an effortless Human-In-The-Loop transition between digital channels (such as bots) and live agents. It provides Intelligent Pairing through automated self-adjusting service levels to ensure the best match between the user, through real time recognition of intents, and the right agent with the right skills and proficiency levels. The net effect is a positive impact on business KPIs and an optimum of chatbot usage and live agent interactions.

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The SentioCX solution consists of the following components:

SentioCX integrates into a CEC or CCaaS solution for a native user experience and provides an Open API to any bot vendor.

Revolutionary intent-based intelligent routing and real-time triaging based on self-adjusted service-levels

Delivering personalized experiences at scale with increased precision and velocity by optimizing operational focus on high-value/high priority interactions


SentioManager, designed for heads of Customer Experience, provides role-based access with the following capabilities:

  • Agent or Knowledge Worker Configuration: Set up, add, or upload skills and complement proficiency levels for existing or newly assigned skills.
  • Bot Configuration: Add or modify conversational AI platforms.
  • Hand-off Management: Includes critical components like intent classification, customer profile classification and response management.
  • Sentio Insights: Actionable insights for KPI optimization.

Enhance Your CEC & CCaaS platform with SentioCX integration:

SentioCX augments an existing CEC (Customer Engagement Center) or CCaaS (Contact Center as a Service) platform with capabilities from SentioCX. It provides a native user experience and avoids configuration duplication from an existing CEC or CCaaS platform.

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Classifying intents for hand-off based on priority and required skill & proficiency

Once an intent is recognized a hand-off is requested to pair the customer with the right agent within self-adjusted service levels based on priority.


SentioCX on Zendesk marketplace:

SentioCX App Integration with Zendesk Application Suite.
Checkout SentioCX for Zendesk:

Zendesk Marketplace

Actionable insights for KPI optimization

Sophisticated business intelligence and analytics tools to enhance performance metrics and to optimize relevant KPIs and to get insights in SLAs.

Powerful Business Intelligence

Insights in customer experience KPI’s & operational efficiency. Chat reports provide insights in chatbot usage, human hand-over and abandoned chats and chats transferred within SLA’s.

Role-based access

for CX Managers and supervisors

Instant insights

in chatbot usage, live agent transfers, abandoned chats and chats transferred within SLA’s

Trend analysis

over a pre-defined period of time

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sentio/seamless handoff API

SentioCX is setting a new standard in the industry

With the SentioCX Seamless Handoff API, Conversational AI and bot vendors can now offer advanced capabilities for Human-In-The-Loop orchestration, thereby making the bot smarter by recognizing when human intervention is desired or required. The seamless handoff API implements a Handoff Protocol. For more information:

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