The SentioCX solution consists of the following product components:
SentioAgent, SentioManager, SentioInsights and SentioAPI.

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SentioAgent is a web-based, tablet or smartphone application, which is fully embedded into an agent workspace application such as Chatwoot, Zendesk or Salesforce. It is meant to make agents and knowledge workers available, notify them and to receive incoming chats handed-off from the bot via the SentioCX engine through their existing and familiar workspace. If needed it can initiate a voice call from the agent workspace.

SentioAgent for Chatwoot

SentioAgent for Chatwoot is an agent license fully embedded into Chatwoot.

SentioAgent for Zendesk

SentioAgent enriches Zendesk to not only provide SLA’s on resolution-time, but also on response-times of ‘live agents’.

The SentioManager tool is the main tool to be used by the supervisor or head of Customer Experience to set-up, add or change:
• agent skills
• proficiency levels
• reserve agent thresholds
• media-flows
• customer profile classification
• intent-classification (derived from the bot)

SentioManager widget for Chatwoot

Skills can be assigned to individual agents through the SentioManager Agent Admin tool.

Intents from the bot can be classified through the SentioManager Intent Classifier tool.

SentioManager widget for Zendesk

Skills can be administered with the Zendesk admin tool, which will then be further enriched with SentioManager.

These skills will be enriched with additional agent attributes such as proficiency levels through the SentioManager Agent Admin tool. By taking existing skills into account, duplication of skills is being avoided so that SentioCX can do its job to provide an optimal match between the customer’s intent and the agent’s profile.

Intents from the bot can be classified through the SentioManager Intent Classifier tool fully embedded into the Zendesk workspace for CX Managers or supervisors.

Powerful Business Intelligence

Insights in customer experience KPI’s & operational efficiency. Chat reports provide insights in chatbot usage, human hand-over and abandoned chats and chats transferred within SLA’s.

Role-based access

for CX Managers and supervisors

Instant insights

in chatbot usage, live agent transfers,  abandoned chats and chats transferred within SLA’s

Trend analysis

over a pre-defined period of time

SentioAPI is a set of API’s which allows the user to integrate the SentioEngine with:

• Conversational AI tools
• CRM applications
• ITSM applications

The SentioCX Seamless Handoff API is the standard in Conversation Orchestration and provides a mechanism for a Handoff Protocol, which allows the Bot to requests a Handoff, to receive a Predictive Wait Time from the SentioCX engine and to deliver the chat to the CEC application.

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